Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hello! Jacky here, reminding you that we are playing at WMUC on Sunday the 13th of November with Foul Swoops, and Monday 14th November with Sunz Of Gunz at the Galaxy Hut. Vlad and i, Jacky majic have been watching a ton of Latina porn to prepare for these gigs, in fact we sat through a ten minute porno where the first 4 minutes was the couple being interviewed in Spanish! WE DON'T SPEAK SPANISH! yet we sat through the whole thing!! Any ways, I,  Jacky Majic need you to tune in on Sunday the 13th and to come to the Galaxy Hut gig so we can make money to buy new drum parts and Vladmir needs a new amp and...oh who are we kidding? We'll prolly end up going to Nandos and spend all the money there.

Cheap Na$$ty.

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